BioSculpt Body 2 handle HIEMT



This is the most revolutionary professional body treatment available.  You will love it so much you won’t be able to stop using it yourself!

Most clients will see immediate results from the first 30-minute session and a total recommended treatment schedule of 4-8 sessions is advised depending on the individual and the results they want to achieve.

Clients can have up to 2-3 treatments per week or as little as 1 treatment per week.  4-8 treatments are recommended in the first 2-4 to achieve optimum results.

This hands-off easy to operative treatment is not only the most effective but also the most profitable.  This machine is easy to operate.  Once the client is strapped in all you have to do is work with them to find the desired setting. Then they relax for 30 minutes and you can do something else.

The recommended charge for 30-minute treatment is $200-$400

How much can you earn?

Assuming $200 per session:

Income Total
Sessions Per Day 3 $200 / Session $600 / Day
Days Per Week 5 $600 / Day $3,000 / Week
Working Weeks Per Year 48 $3,000 / Week $144,000 / Year

You have the potential to generate $144,000 per year with just 3 sessions a day.


We recommend booking packages of at least 4 treatments.

2 areas can be treated in one session with the 4 handle machine.


Access to online training and information available for





  • BioSculpt Machine
  • Online Training Course
  • Client Consent Forms
  • Client settings & Progress Tracker


Available in black or White

No maintenance

No Consumables

No client downtime

No qualifications required

Contact us or use our chat to find out more!



All beauty machines are electronically sensitive.  To avoid damage to your machine, you must use a high quality surge protector at all times.


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