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At Beauty Equipment Direct we strive to find you the best possible finance option to go with your purchase.  We believe that your finances are your business and out of respect for that, we provide finance options to you rather than weekly or monthly payment plans.

If you are visiting from USA, Europe, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada or Singapore we have also implemented software that will show the prices in your currency.  Otherwise, AU$ will be the default currency.  We are delighted to offer the following payment options available at the time of checkout:

  • Bank Deposit – Please keep in mind that we operate in Australia so if you are visiting us from somewhere else and are thinking of this option, please confirm with your respective financial institution as to whether this is an option.
  • Credit Card – All major credit cards are accepted.
  • PayPal – Including PayPal 4.
  • ZIP – This is for Australia only.  If your purchase is up to AU$8,000.00 then the checkout process is automated.  If your purchase is greater than AU$8,000.00 then please select “Pay By Phone” and we will discuss how we manage the payment. (please check with ZIP for full terms and conditions)
  • OpenPay – This is for Australia only.  We are approved for AU$10,000, if your purchase is up to AU$10,000.00 then the checkout process is automated.  (please check with OpenPay for full terms and conditions)
  • Laybuy – Please work out options with us before you decide to do this.  Select the Bank Deposit option and pay the agreed sum into our bank account over the agreed term.  Once the item is paid for, we will ship it to you


If you are in Australia and are interested in taking out a conventional loan for your purchase, we have the following options for you:

  • Business Loans – If you have held an ABN for 12+ months and have a minimum AU$10,000 revenue per month, we have partnered with Rippa Finance who may be able to assist with business lending.
  • Personal Loan – We have partnered with a broker that can help you with lending options.  Please contact us at giving us your name, phone number, what you are seeking to purchase and how much you would like to borrow.  We will have the broker call you directly.
07 5630 6556

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