Fat Freezing Online Course Advanced

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This comprehensive course is 100% online and includes video modules, FAQs, and all the information you need to become an expert in Cryolipolysis. You can access the course as many times as you like, for as long as you like, and share it with your staff. If you hire new staff in the future, they will also be able to access the course.

Our training will provide you with all the knowledge and techniques you need to provide safe and effective Cryolipolysis treatments to your clients. You will learn about the science behind Cryolipolysis and how it works to eliminate fat cells, as well as the different types of fat that can be treated. We will also cover the risks and contraindications associated with Cryolipolysis, and how to properly consult with clients to ensure their safety and satisfaction.

In addition, you will learn about combining Cryolipolysis with other fat-reduction treatments such as Cavitation, and best practices for clinical hygiene.

The course comes with an aesthetically pleasing certificate for your wall. A formal qualification is not required to provide these treatments in Australia, but our certificate will demonstrate to your clients that you have received professional training in Cryolipolysis.

Enrol in our Cryolipolysis training course today and take the first step towards becoming an expert in this highly sought-after fat reduction treatment!


This course is 100% online with video.

You can access the course as many times as you like for as long as you like and share it with your staff.


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  • Introduction
  • What Is It?
  • The Science
  • Benefits
  • FAQs
  • What Types of Fat Can Be Treated?
  • Risks and Contraindications
  • Client Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Before Your Client Arrives
  • Client Preparation
  • How to Mark Out The Treatment Area
  • Treatment and Marking
  • Treatment Steps
  • Additional Theory
  • General Treatment Settings
  • Settings and Treatment Areas
  • Treatment Overview
  • Monitoring the Client
  • Troubleshooting
  • Aftercare
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Results
  • Combining Treatments with Fat Freezing



  • Aftercare sheets
  • Client consent forms
  • Certificate:- choose your design add your name and print!



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