BIO light Ultra LED Facial Machine

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LED facial, also known as Light Emitting Diode (LED) therapy, is a cosmetic non-medical facial treatment that uses LED lights of different colours.

LED facial is a non-invasive cosmetic and non-medical treatment. Some benefits of LED facial treatments are:

  • Non-Invasive: Unlike more invasive cosmetic treatments, LED facials are pain-free and don’t require any downtime.
  • Safe and Effective: LED light therapy is considered safe and effective, with no known side effects. It is also suitable for all skin types.
  • Customisable: Different colours of LED light are used for different treatments.
  • Relaxing: LED facials are a relaxing and calming experience, making them a great way to unwind and take some time out.

The Bio Light is an LED PDT facial machine that is essential to any salon or cosmetic clinic.  This PDT machine has the power of 760 high-powered 120mw light-emitting diodes.

The treatment

The client can receive a facial prior to the treatment and serum and or lotion is applied (depending on their skin type) then the client relaxes under the LED facial machine for 20-30 minutes for this non-medical and cosmetic treatment.  The facial can be as basic as a quick cleanse and moisturise or a full facial which could include an ultrasonic treatment.  You would of course charge accordingly.


Red Light Wavelength: 650 nm +/-10nm

Blue Light Wavelength: 4717 nm +/-10nm

Green Light Wavelength: 535 nm +/-10nm

Yellow Light Wavelength: 1171 nm +/-10nm

Cyan Light Wavelength: 500 nm +/-10nm

Purple Light Wavelength: 1055 nm +/-10nm

White Light Wavelength: 1586 nm +/-10nm

273 Globes

150 W


It is recommended you charge around $50 for a 20-minute phototherapy session or more with a basic cleanse and moisturise.  If you were providing a full facial you could charge around $95 or more depending on the length and inclusions of the treatment.  Generally LED treatments are sold in blocks of 10 with a discount $450.  Depending on your demographic you may be able to charge more but this is a base price.

How much can you earn?

Assuming $50 per session:

Income Total
Sessions Per Day 3 $50 / Session $150 / Day
Days Per Week 5 $150 / Day $750 / Week
Working Weeks Per Year 48 $750 / Week $36,000 / Year

You have the potential to generate $36,000 per year with just 3 sessions a day.


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LED photo therapy


All beauty machines are electronically sensitive.  To avoid damage to your machine, you must use a high-quality surge protector at all times and cover with a dust cover when not in use.


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  1. Sarah Willsom

    Love this light. I get great results and it looks good in my salon.

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