TGA Approved EMS 2 Handle – Coming soon

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Wow, it has taken a while.  We have been working hard to bring you affordable TGA approved beauty machines.

These machines will also include our internationally accredited course.


Why buy this device?  Independent tests performed as part of the regulatory approval process (apart from price and running cost) show you why you should buy this device.

Item Tested

Our Device A Leading Brand Device


Price Leading brand costs about 2.5 times more
Consumables Needed Leading brand requires ongoing consumables
Regulation Same
Intended Purpose Same
Device Class Same
Primary Function Same
Working principle Same
Electrical Protection Same
User Interface Same
Screen Size Same
Type of Energy Same
Number of Outputs Same
Number of Coils Same
Surface area of Applicator Leading brand dimensions not available
Magnetic Intensity Same
Induced Current in Tissue Our device is less, therefore safer than leading brand
Type of Operation Same
Pulse Repetition Same
Pulse Duration Our device is slightly shorter but within margin of error
Pulse Intensity Increments Same
Shape of Stimulation Pulse Same
Therapy Time Same
Application Same
Voltage Same
Conformance Standards Same

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