DIY LED Teeth Whitening Kit 2 x 5ml 1 x Remineral – RRP $69.95




DIY Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits – RRP $69.95


These kits are a great ad on sale or are perfect for being sold in hair salons too busy to offer an in-chair treatment.

DIY home whitening kits are also perfect for an after treatment maintenance product.

These home teeth whitening kits and the same strength many dentists offer and charge $250+.  Our gel levels are safe and Australian compliant.

Conveniently package with all appropriate labeling for home use.

6-10 x Applications

Kit contains:
1 x 5 LED Teeth Whitening Light
1 x Thermoform Mouth Tray
2 x 5ml Teeth Whitening Gel 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
1 x 3ml Remineralization gel
1 x Instruction Sheet
1 x Teeth Shade Guide
1 x Foil Storage Bag