There are so many reasons why a beauty business may suit you. A business in the beauty industry can be fun and worthwhile financially. There are so many aspects of the beauty industry you are never limited to how far you can go. We can help you get started in:- Body Sculpting, hydra facials, anti-ageing and acne treatment.

You will have an opportunity to help others look and feel great. You can grow your business and your creativity by offering a range of different services. Beauty Equipment Direct can help you by offering you the latest equipment with free training and support.

Every day in beauty is unique. You never know who you’ll be meeting or what you’ll be doing.

There are so many options on how you will offer your beauty services from working from home to mobile services or even owning your own salon.

Your own business in the beauty industry can give you flexible working hours. You can choose a stable 9-5 or you can pick and choose when you take appointments. It’s really up to you and the lifestyle you want.

As a beauty therapist, you will build a strong clientele and grow your business by offering quality services people want. With the demand for services and products mostly on the rise, it can be said that the beauty industry is here to stay.

Complete Beauty Solution
At Beauty Equipment Direct we offer complete systems to have you offering a range of beauty services. All our equipment comes with access to online instructions, courses and marketing ideas to help you get started in the beauty industry.

For less than the cost of most beauty therapy courses, you can purchase everything you need to get started.

What We Do
Beauty Equipment Direct offers the lowest prices on the most popular beauty systems. We provide complete solutions including training to have you offering top quality beauty services to your clients.
You will receive access to our training while you are waiting for your system to arrive. When your package is delivered you will be ready to start practising on friends and family. In a matter of weeks, you can be operating your own beauty business.

All the help you need with no franchise fees, no monthly access fees and no direct debits ever!

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